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Sevenesque III

an exhibition of paintings and sculptures using 3D print, scan and motion capture technology


  • matrix4d3dx matrix4d3dx digital print
  • LOVE with a backwards E LOVE with a backwards E aerosol and acrylic on canvas
  • and before your very eyes and before your very eyes 3D print
  • free your mind free your mind digital print
  • nymphs1e7 nymphs1e7 digital print
  • glow2h3C glow2h3C digital print
  • WhiteF1 WhiteF1 digital painting
  • arise6b3c arise6b3c digital print
  • SEX with a backwards X SEX with a backwards X 3D print, aerosol and acrylic
  • there is no spoon there is no spoon digital print
  • city god sketch city god sketch digital print

project description


Sevenesque III is a research and development project exploring the use of 3D print, scan and motion capture technology in painting, sculpture and video art.

I experimented with processes merging various traditional media and techniques, including acrylics, spray paints, illustration and photography, with 3D modelling and computer aided design, to create work that attempts to blur the line between digital and analogue, the real and the virtual.

Thematically the work draws inspiration from religious iconography, science fiction and comic art, with a focus on the moment of enlightenment / evolution / emergence.





  • digital sketch digital sketch
  • 3D modelling 3D modelling
  • 3D print and photography 3D print and photography
  • digital paint and compositing digital paint and compositing

supported by


Formlabs iPiSoft FaceShift Skanect
Arts Council of England





automated interactive musical robot condor


project description


Inspired by Transformers mythoology, I worked with engineer Duncan Turner to transform a Landrover into a giant musical interactive condor.

The idea for Engine Tuning stemmed out of the tragic death of a young person, Stuart Henderson, in a car accident in Shetland. Stuart was a member of the Shetland Youth Theatre, and Buzzbeak was commissioned in his honour.

Buzzbeak sonically interacts with it's audience, recording, remixing and playing back the sounds and music she is given, aided by a hidden electronica artist in a second Land Rover Discovery.



making of videos

commissioned by

Shetland Arts UZ Arts In Situ






sculptural graffiti

  • KerstCar KerstCar
  • KerstWood KerstWood
  • KerstLeaves KerstLeaves
  • KerstLego KerstLego
  • KerstClay KerstClay
  • KerstNibbles KerstNibbles

project description


Kerst is a series of sculptural graffiti tags made from things destined for decay, dispersion or destruction (i.e cursed).



making of KerstCar

commissioned and supported by

Green Close Studios Bowland Arts Festival Lanternhouse






an exhibition of 3D printed sculptures and digital animations inspired by Hindu mythology

  • Shiva Nataraja Shiva Nataraja selective laser sintering (SLS) sculpture
  • Ganesha Ganesha digital still from 3D animation
  • Ananta Ananta digital render
  • Brahma Brahma digital still from 3D animation
  • Nandi Nandi stereolithography (SLA) sculpture
  • Shiva Lingam Shiva Lingam SLS and SLA sculpture
  • Kala Kala SLA sculpture
  • Durga Family Durga Family digital painting

project description


Ananta is an exhibition created using 3D modelling, animation and rapid prototyping. Made in residency and exhibited at Lanternhouse, Ulverston, and toured to DLi Art Gallery & Museum in Durham, Leamington Spa Royal Pump Rooms, and Blank Space Gallery in Manchester

click here for contextual writing by Harriet Sharkey, and process and project information




supported by

Folly Lanternhouse Arts Council of England



older Ananta work


  • Ganesh Ganesh digital painting (1999)
  • blind blind digital painting (2000)
  • Durga Durga (for Charlotte) acrylic on canvas (2000)
  • Maheswara Maheswara acrylic on canvas (2000)
  • Creation Creation digital painting (2001)
  • Preservation Preservation digital painting (2001)
  • Destruction Destruction digital painting (2001)
  • Shiva Nataraja Shiva Nataraja digital painting (2003)
  • Shiva Shiva acrylic on Cornerhouse, Manchester (2006)






  • First KrikSix painting First KrikSix painting (after Ryo Okamoto) oil and pen on canvas (1998)
  • borne borne (phomyfortini) acrylic and pen on canvas (1998)
  • Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya acrylic and oil on canvas (1998)
  • backup backup (after Geoff Senior) acrylic and pen on canvas (1999)
  • Mud Earth Far Cars Mud Earth Far Cars acrylic on wood (1999)
  • Still Blue Still Blue digital painting (2000)
  • God God digital painting (2000)
  • Sock Sock Digital painting (2001)
  • PS PS (4Petra) paint pen on canvas (2002)
  • Smoke Smoke digital painting (2002)
  • Panic Panic digital painting (2002) (for Don't Panic)
  • The Kiss The Kiss digital painting (2003) (commissioned by Jo Ledwidge)
  • loevisutm loevisutm digital painting (2011) for Evisu
  • evolve evolve digital painting (2013)
  • vow vow digital painting (2014)




  • New Balance Van New Balance Van with Ruse (2005)
  • Angkor What? Bar, Cambodia Angkor What? Bar, Cambodia 2007
  • save me save me at Eurocultured, Manchester (2006)
  • KerstDemon KerstDemon at Eurocultured, Dublin (2006)
  • KerstBrain KerstBrain at Eurocultured, Manchester (2007)
  • KKK exhibition KKK exhibition Empty Shop, Durham (2009)
  • spark spark for Blackburn Youth Zone (2012)
  • KrikSixLove KrikSixLove at Eurocultured, Manchester (2010)
  • KrikSixCaravan KrikSixCaravan at Merchant City Fetival, Glasgow (2011)
  • phase phase for Fred Aldous' Outhouse project with Spearfish (2014)
  • manifest manifest for Culture Night, Belfast (2014)
  • Megatron - tyranny and liberty Megatron - tyranny and liberty for Culture Night, Belfast (2015)